At the foot of the fells, at the top of the town


Monday 3.30 - 10.30
Tuesday 10.30- 10.30
Wednesday 10.30 - 10.30
Thursday 10.30 - 10.30
Friday 3.30 - 10.30
Saturday 10.30 - 10.30 

for cinema customers is on Brewery Street, behind the cinema.  

We are WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE.  Please call ahead to reserve a seat for a wheelchair.  

not too big, not too small, once a little run down,

is a pile of old stone, a receptor for rain -

The Palace works hard to live up to her name.

She throws on her lights every night for a show

as the townspeople scuttle out in the cold.

Up the hill they queue in their coats in June

with phlegm they wait for a film and a brew.  

She throws on some music and conjures from air

deserts and highways and talking bears,

women who fight and men who cry,

teenagers who in secret fly

spaceships and forests, the ocean deep 

while the townspeople settle down and dream…

For a couple of hours they let themselves go

enchanted by The Palace and her movie-show

They take off their coats and in those red velvet seats

they sink a little deeper and are free

to taste the edges of what their one life can be

to sample all the possibilities

that time and place have trimmed down

to a familiar life in a familiar town.

The Palace swells and sighs with all her guests